Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mirror Rankings?

I've often been asked, "Who/What is McKinsey?"

And I always found myself going into a long convoluted answer of, "Well, the industry is Management Consulting... They give top companies advice on strategy... They solve tough business problems...umm..."

Of which, I would always get a, "Oh, that sounds nice."

I finally decided to start answering them with, "It's the Harvard of MBA jobs." It's not a perfect description, but it usually got the message across - it's a good company. This got me thinking about MBA Employers and Business Schools. So I looked at the USNews and Fortune 100 (via Universum Communications) rankings and found surprising similarities.

Harvard Business School: #1
McKinsey & Company: #1

McKinsey has been ranked the #1 choice of MBA students in the last 10 years. They are the gold standard of Management Consulting and have one of the toughest selection process. Harvard has been consistently ranked in the top 3 of USNews in the last 10 years. Although, if a poll were sent to all MBA applicants, I would guess that Harvard would be #1 in that survey as well. Harvard is the most selective business school (Princeton Review) and is definitely the gold standard of general management.

Stanford Graduate School of Business: #2
Google Inc.: #2

Both are located in the Silicon Valley. Both are known to be entrepreneurialistic. Both tend to do things their own way - Google's IPO and Stanford's acceptance of the GRE. Did I mention that Google was founded by Stanford (CS) PhD Students?

Wharton School of Business: #3
Goldman Sachs: #3

The Wharton School is arguably the top business school in the nation. However, lately haven fallen a bit behind Standford in terms of selectivity (Princeton Review). Goldman Sachs used to be ranked #2 until Google's recent surge. Furthermore, Wharton is known as one of the top business schools for finance, making its comparison to Goldman natural.

Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management): #4
Bain & Company: #4

One of the Big Three Consulting companies, Bain is known for their outstanding marketing strategy. Kellogg is also known as the best school of marketing. Furthermore, the culture at Bain is known to be fun, young, and frat-like community. Kellogg students are also known for their laid-back and fun nature. Seems like a good fit for me!

MIT, Sloan School of Management: #4
The Boston Consulting Group: #5

BCG is known as the "Nerdy" Big Three (from Vault), because of their academic founding. Sloanies are also known more for their quant skills than their soft skills. Both are located/headquartered in Boston. Am I missing anything else?

University of Chicago: #6
CitiGroup: #6

Chicago is known as one of the best finance schools. CitiGroup is a top bank. That's about all I got.

University of Californa, Berkeley (Haas School of Business): #7
Apple Computer, Inc.: #7

Although Haas has always been a top 10 school in the USNews, it finally achieved the same status in the Business Week rankings - jumping from #17 to #8 this year. Apple also made a drastic jump from #15 to #7 on the Universum survey this year. Apple is now the darling of Wall Street (along with Google), and Haas has made tremendous strides in recent rankings and hirings - thanks to the booming technology industry. Both are located in the Bay Area.

Columbia University: #7
Morgan Stanley: #10

Okay, this might be the furtherest reach in rankings, but this one also makes a lot of sense. Morgan Stanley is one of the top banks in the industry and Columbia is known for their outstanding finance department. Both are located/headquartered in NY.

Rounding out the top 15:
9. Dartmouth University (Tuck) | 8. General Electric
- General Management
10. UCLA Anderson | 9. Johnson & Johnson - ?
11. Duke University (Fuqua) | 11. Proctor & Gamble - Marketing
11. Michigan University (Ross) | 12. Nike - Sports! Ha!
13. New York University (Stern) | 13. Lehman Brothers - Finance & NY
13. University of Virgina (Darden) | 15. Booz Allen Hamilton - Virgina
15. Yale University | 14. Walt Disney - Brand Name

The list isn't perfect, but there are definitely quite a few similarities and matches. At the very least, it was enough for me to write a 30 min entry. Hope you found it interesting as well!

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