Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Berkeley Haas

After attending all the admit weekends, including the ones in Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles, I've decided to attend the Haas School of Business. Now, I didn't select the highest ranking school that I got into.

Here are a number of reasons why:

Location - Love California! It would be very hard to imagine my life outside of the West Coast.
Industry - Technology is where I want to be and Haas is well-positioned in the Bay Area.
Flexibility - The Haas degree is also flexible enough if I decide to switch into consulting or if I want to go international one day.
Culture - Loved the people I met at Days at Haas! They are absolutely brilliant, but also down-to-earth and humble. The culture was by far the best of any school I visited!
School Pride - I have to say I love UC Berkeley. My first time around was such a great experience that I really want to contribute back to the school. Even though I was accepted to "higher ranked schools," I truly want to help transform Berkeley Haas into a top 5 school - which I believe is absolutely possible. I mean most Berkeley graduate programs are in their respective top 3 - e.g. Engineering, CS, Public Policy, Optometry, etc - why shouldn't Haas be?

These are just a few reasons why I ultimately choose to attend Haas. I hope that gives people a perspective into my decision-making process. The best advice I can give is for everyone to attend their admit weekends and get a feel for the school. I mean you will be there for 2 years!! You definitely don't want to go somewhere you don't feel comfortable.

Good Luck to everyone still deciding!


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