Thursday, June 21, 2007

Classes that I recommend

Here are a few of the classes that I really liked at Haas:
Core + 1 - classes that are really useful
Managerial Accounting with Nicole Johnson.
Really useful class because you learn different ways of accounting that affect a company's pricing, value and profitability. Was really useful in consulting interviews. I hear Sunil is really good at teaching this class.
Financial Modeling with Sarah Tasker. Really intense and fast moving class on financial modeling. Very useful class that you should take before you graduate.

Elective Classes:
Pricing with Teck Ho.
By far the most popular class while I was at Haas. He's class went for about 801 / 1000 points. I really enjoyed his class because of his outstanding enthusiasm for teaching. He also integrated a lot of computer simulations that were a lot of fun. The class was very useful for consulting interviews as well.
Creativity and Innovation in Marketing with Jennifer Aaker. A new hire from Stanford and daughter of Haas branding legend David Aaker, Jennifer was awesome. She is really passionate about teaching and did a great job in her first class at Haas. She had outstanding speakers, like Geoffrey Moore, and interesting projects.
Power and Politics with John Freeman. Freeman did a really good job of mixing lecture, guest speakers and movies. Freeman brought in outstanding speakers like John Hanke - founder of Keyhole, which later became Google Maps after its acquisition by Google. I hear Anderson is also really good.
Competitive and Corporate Strategy with Paul Tiffany. Lots of interesting cases, including ones on Google, McKinsey and GE. Tiffany does a good job of keeping an 8am class interesting and interactive.
Information Technology based Marketing with Florian Zettelmeyer. Outstanding professor - former McKinsey - and very useful class if you are interested in consumer marketing.
Opportunity Recognition with Drew Isaacs. Part of the MOT Speaker Series. We've had some great speakers come in, including Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), Randy Komisar (Kleiner Perkins), and Mark Kvamme (Sequoia Capital).
Game Theory with John Morgan. I never took the class, but I heard it was a very interesting class about strategy. Morgan won a Cheit Award for his teaching this year.
Financial Information Analysis with Shai Levi. A useful course on how to value a company. I audited the course for a bit and it was interesting. From what I heard is that this class is more useful than Corporate Finance for people going into non-finance careers.


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